CHKDSK Assist Manual

v4 Revision 1.0.0

Thank you for downloading and trying out my CHKDSK Assist script.  This manual will guide you through all of the various options offered in the script.

What is CHKDSK Assist?  CHKDSK Assist is a GUI based script, written in AutoHotkey, which assists you with scheduling CHKDSK operations on your PC, as well as other related functions.

What is CHKDSK?  CHKDSK is a utility included with Microsoft Windows that verifies and repairs the file system on a volume.  It can also scan for and attempt repair on bad sectors on a volume.

When you start CHKDSK Assist it will scan your PC for valid drives on which a CHKDSK operation can be run.

Once the scan is complete you are presented with the Main GUI.